Hifalutin Madeline

ADCA Registration No. (38408)

Registration and Testing Document Archive (password required)

Sire: Brightlea Calum (ADCA 31957)

Dam: Hifalutin Glenna (ADCA 32840)

Parentage: Sire and Dam qualify (UCDVGL case DEX1501)

Born: 5/29/2015

Tattoo: 684-???

Color: Red (E+/e), carries dun (B/b)

Horns: Polled (Pc/H)

Milk protein: A2/A1

Chondrodysplasia: Non-carrier (N/N)

PHA: Non-carrier (N/N)

Madeline, Madders, was named for Dave’s Grandma Morgan. She is our first calve by Calum and we are pleased with what we see so far. She is nice and thick and had nice muscling from day one.

madeline_left madeline_rear madeline_right madeline_face