Brightlea Calum


ADCA Registration No. 31957

Brightlea Calum’s Document Archive (password protected)

Sire: RDoubleD Winslow ADCA 23449

Dam: Brightlea Dorothy ADCA 22744

Parentage: Sire and dam qualify (VGL Case DEX853)

Born: 8/17/2012

Tattoo: 659-288

Height at hip (age 3): 44 in

Color: Black, carries red (Ed/E+)

Horns: Polled (Pc/H)

Milk protein: A2/A1

Chondrodysplasia: Non-carrier (N/N)

PHA: Non-carrier (N/N)


Calum, age 4, 44″ at hip

We welcomed Calum into the herd January 2015. He is a very nice bull with great feet, perfect hook to pin, and has Hiyu Rosegay all over his dam’s pedigree, so we know he will do wonders for udders. He has a very quiet demeanor…just walked on the trailer to come to Oregon, even though he had never even seen a trailer before that.




Hiyu Rosegay at 19

Hiyu Rosegay at 19

Hiyu Rosegay at 19

Hiyu Rosegay at 19


Calum at age 4 yrs