Cascade’s Sweet Pepper

ADCA Registration No. 30014

Registration and testing document archive (password required)

Sire: Belle Fourche Bracken ADCA 22896

Dam: Cascade’s Cayenne ADCA 24714

Parentage: Sire and Dam qualify (UCDVGL case LEG1407)

Born: 3/19/2012

Tattoo: 684-039

Color: Red (e/e), does not carry dun (B/B)

Horns: Polled (Pc/H) (Obligate)

Milk protein: A2/A1

Chondrodysplasia: Non-carrier (N/N)

PHA: Non-carrier (N/N)

Pepper is as sweet as they come. An excellent mother, she calved beautifully this year as a heifer. She is bred for to Calum for a spring 2016 calf.