Why Dexters?

Hifalutin Ila (Eyela)

Why Dexters are the Perfect Breed of CattleĀ 

1. Dexters are one of the smallest natural breeds of cattle, and that compact size gives them lots of advantages.

2. Dexters are famous for their plentiful tender flavorful beef, and also their excellent milk.

3. Dexters are exceptionally friendly and easily managed.

4. Dexter bulls are a joy to be around.

5. Dexters are perfect for people who’ve never raised cattle. No cowboying needed. Dexter’s are one of the safest breeds of cattle.

6. Dexters are exceptionally good mothers, and calve easily with no assistance.

7. Dexters are exceptionally hardy, and don’t require much shelter except some trees for shade, and a windbreak.

8. Dexters are parasite resistant, and if regularly rotated to clean pasture, can often be raised with no deworming.

9. Dexters are excellent, efficient grazers and browsers and can thrive on decent forage with no extra supplement, other than some minerals and clean water.

10. Dexters are disease resistant, rarely getting sick, and recovering quickly when they do. Many folks raise Dexters with no shots and no vet work.

11. Dexter’s are a no-fuss breed.

12. Dexter’s have fun personalities!

13. Dexters are long-lived, many still producing into their late teens and twenties.

14. Their intelligence, temperament, and excellent strength to size ratio make them a perfect choice for oxen.

(from Kirk Fackerell, Cascade Meadows Farm)